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The Different Types of CBD Products

By now, if not all, most of us already know what CBD is as it is starting to be legalized by the U.S for medical purposes. However, thousands of people all around the world are still unaware of what it actually is. 

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. The cannabis plant has two active compounds, CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol, which plays a major role in getting a person high. CBD is very useful in catering medial conditions and helps in treating anxiety disorders, addictions, schizophrenia and post traumatic stress disorder. 

nasal spray

CBD is available in hundreds of different products, it will take us days to jot down each and every product, so here are a few broad categories of CBD products: 

  • Vaping 
  • Edibles 
  • Lotions 
  • Creams 
  • Pills 
  • Oils 
  • Nasal sprays

 All in all, CBD can be taken in four different ways. It can either be inhaled, ingested, put under the tongue or applied on skin. There are other CBD product categories like beverages etc. which are not very common.  nasal spray

CBD oils are one of the major and most common CBD product. Studies have shown that CBD oils have proven to play a significant role in reducing anxiety and stress levels. These oils are getting a lot of publicity and appreciation for their contribution to the medical world.  


Following are the benefits of using CBD oils: 

As mentioned above, there are many ways of using CBD but the best way to get relief from skin conditions or aches is by using CBD by applying on skin through creams and lotions. CBD creams and lotions have proven to treat eczema, acne and many such skin diseases 

Following are the benefits of using CBD lotions and Creams: 

  • It helps with treating muscle 
  • It is also useful in treating joint pains 
  • It helps in treating nausea and arthritis 
  • These lotions can be a part of skin care regime as it helps reducing wrinkles and act as an anti aging agent.  nasal spray

CBD edibles is one of the largest and most common CBD product category as it gives the consumers a lot of options to choose from! However, for someone who uses CBD oils, these edibles might demand some time for getting used to. The amount of time a CBD takes through an edible is comparatively longer than that of an oil.  

Following are the most common CBD edibles to choose from: 

  • CBD protein bars 
  • CBD gummies 
  • CBD dried fruits 
  • CBD sugar free gummies 

 CBD protein bars and dried fruits are a good and healthier alternative for those who want to stay fit and avoid sugar intake. 

Benefits of consuming CBD edibles: 

  • By digesting CBD through edibles, you get to experience the effects of it much longer.  
  • It is easy to make, and you can consume CBD by trying out on your favorite dish!  
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