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Cannabis Wine

Paring Cannabis with Food and Wine

Cannabis WineCannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate and new trends are emerging on regular basis. The elevated gourmet experience is a growing trend nowadays in the industry. The trend also includes infused cooking classes and pairing cannabis with food and wine. If you are a foodie, then you surely love discovering new aromas and flavors and are captivated by unique opportunities. Combining the delicious worlds of cannabis, food, and wine is the new age of gourmet dining.

For most cannabis lovers, pairing cannabis with food and wine probably includes trying out tons of combinations while staying in the kitchen throughout the hazy midnight. However, being a little pickier and more sophisticated under the cannabis influence is not as difficult as one might think. With some basic knowledge in certain categories, you have a good point to start beyond which there is plenty of room for experimentation and fun.

If you want to have the best experience possible, then following are some guidelines that you should follow:

Learn About Terpenes

Cannabis WineTerpenes are the primary culprits of flavor and aroma of both wine and cannabis. Learn to identify them and you will almost automatically know how to effectively pair them. The idea here is quite simple – make pairings with the same kinds of terpenes. You should also make a habit of sensing the terpenes of your cannabis wine and cannabis edibles and giving them a good sniff.

Don’t get discouraged if your sense of smell is not the sharpest. You can also proceed by simply researching the ingredients of the products. Citrusy limonene are the main terpenes you should look out for. These are usually found in white wines; the tropical/herbal myrcene, found in reds and whites; the lavender/floral linalool, a shared feature of the reds, as well as caryophyllene, that has distinctive clover and black pepper notes which are also found in some red wines.

As with wine and cannabis pairings, you will also want to find similar flavors and aromas in the food. Focus on the most distinctive character and make the pairing from there. For instance, a gourmet chocolate brownie will pair nicely alongside a cannabis edibles strain like Chocolate Kush – which is perfect if you like to enjoy a glass of red wine for a certain dessert that has notes of dark chocolate.


Cannabis WineBalance is a good thing, especially when it comes to cannabis edibles. It is particularly important in drinks and food, and of course, cannabis pairings.

The idea here is basically the same as the one combining terpenes. You simply need to combine elements that lie on the similar spectrum texture wise as well as flavor wise, so they can blend well. However, it can get quite overwhelming if you over accentuate a specific type of flavor. Of course, just like pineapple on pizza, the rule of similarity sometimes has weird exceptions, but generally speaking, it is recommended that you keep things a bit more traditional, especially if you are new to this.

For instance, juicy, rich meat goes great with dark chocolate, red wine, and a more sedating strain such as Indica so you can feel pleasantly replete and relaxed. These types of pairings are so layered with bodily high and taste, they can nearly feel sensual. A mildly tart cheesecake, fish, tangy and/or citrusy white wine, and an uplifting, fruity, lighter strain like Lemon Haze are another classic line which you can think of. Just don’t go overboard with the tangy aspect.

While most chefs are learning to find the proper balance of THC to serve their guests, when you should stop taking cannabis edibles is really up to you to decide. The same goes for cannabis wine.


Cannabis WineJust like your food choice usually depends on the season and occasion, when cannabis pairing is involved, it is highly recommended that you take certain things into consideration that go beyond your dinner table. Planning to do something afterwards? Keep the pairings of cannabis, food, and wine light. Want to make a night of it? Simply plan it out. Start off light with an uplifting strain and some appetizers, then gradually deepen the vibes and tastes to pleasantly sedating.

As with any dining experience, when it comes to pairing cannabis wine and food, it is recommended that you have an open mind. Experiment with a number of ways of how to put herbal pairings, wine, and food together whether you are creating a full-on infused meal or a sensory experience using only the aromas.

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