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How to Remove Wine from a Rug

Antique rugs add great value and enhance the overall vibe of your place. Although, there are certain scenarios that leave your antique rug destroyed. Red wine stains are one of the most stubborn things that can ruin the appearance of your antique rug. In fact, spilling a glass of wine could be considered as possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to your antique rug. In case of tough stains from the glass of wine, time is your enemy. So, without wasting any time consider these possible solutions.

• Wine stain remover
There are numerous products available in the market that claims to reduce the appearance of wine stains. However, you should consider the one with proven ingredients. Some of the ingredients that can help you with wine on your rug include hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, salt, white wine, soda ash, and baking soda. Products such as “MacGyver” and “Wine Away” are recommended to remove the stubborn wine ruining your antique rug.

• Beneficial ingredients
When red wine ruins the antique rugs, one of the convenient and easy methods to get rid of it is to blot up the wine along with spraying hydrogen peroxide. After that, add some sprinkle of the baking soda. Let it dry for some period of time and then rinse it off. Make sure that the stain is properly covered by the solution of peroxide and soda. This solution helps in getting rid of the red wine stains immediately.

Club soda can also be used which helps in maintaining the firmness of rug’s fiber. The addition of salt to the club soda can helps in buffing the stain from the layer.

White wine is possibly the best solution for the red wine stubborn stains. If you have spilled a glass of wine on your antique rug accidentally, then white wine can act as the neutralizer. The red wine color will be immediately lifted out from the rug. Just pour white wine and blot the liquid through the towel.

Vinegar also acts as a neutralizer to the purple pigment that occurred from a glass of wine. It can be combined with soda in order to directly apply over the stains. Rinse the vinegar with soap or washing soda and rinse the solution. Let the solution soak in the stain properly.

Salt can also be poured over the wine stain to clean it. Allow the salt to set in the wine properly in order to remove the stain.

• Tips for removing red wine stains
Some other tips for removing the red wine stains from the antique rug include testing any technique on the hidden area of the rug first. In case the stain is old, saturate the stain with hot water before. If the rug is white in color, consider using hydrogen peroxide with dish washing liquid. In case, none of the techniques and product works, then you should consult the professional from the industry.

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