Cannabis Wine - CBD Oil Wines
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Cannabis Wine

Cannabis Wine

You have heard about THC-laced olive oil, cannabis edibles, and cannabis beauty products, but now there’s a new cannabis-infused product that has been quickly gaining popularity on the market; cannabis wine.

Cannabis WineWhen you think of the wine industry and the cannabis industry, you generally associate the two with totally different feelings. Alcohol frees you of your inhibitions, making you a bit out of control while recreational cannabis can make you feel very relaxed, light, and worry-free. Cannabis wine is the combination of both and it effects are surprisingly good.

What is Cannabis Wine?

Cannabis wine is a mix of grapes, fermented and crushed to create alcohol content. It is enriched with CBD. It can also contain THC, which is known for its psychoactive effects especially when it’s mixed with alcohol. As THC can make users tired and increase anxiety and alcohol/wine can also promote these certain kinds of side effects, it is best to create this relaxing elixir by using a high CBD strain of cannabis.

How to Make Cannabis Wine?

If you want to make your own cannabis wine, you will need get a winemaking kit. You can also use the real wine making equipment if you have access to a vineyard.

Follow the specific instructions for the winemaking kit. However, include about 1 lb. of cannabis into the mix before corking the bottle for fermentation. Since the sugar creates alcohol, the CBD from the cannabis will be extracted by the alcohol. This process is the same that is used to create Rick Simpson oil i.e. using alcohol to extract THC from cannabis plants.

There is another method to make cannabis wine. In this method, you make the wine and when it’s about halfway through fermentation, include the heated cannabis. You want to heat the cannabis first so that the cannabinoids are activated.

Buying Cannabis Wine

Many manufacturers make cannabis edibles and wine. However, cannabis wine is currently available to individuals who have a medical cannabis license. Even in states where cannabis is legal – whether for recreational or medical purposes – the fact that cannabis wine mixes cannabis and alcohol muddies the legal waters. So, you can get cannabis-infused wine from most dispensaries as long as you have a medical cannabis license.

The cost of this form of cannabis may deter you from purchasing it. Since the cost of both ingredients and production is high and currently it’s made in small batches, a single bottle of cannabis wine is likely to set you back between $100 to $500.

Cannabis Wine Creators to Look Out For

Following are some popular cannabis wine creators you should look out for:

Rebel Coast Winery

This young, fun winery is based in Sonoma wine country. Rebel Coast Winery makes four different wines, including sauvignon blanc which is cannabis-infused. The process they use is a bit different from other cannabis wineries. Here, the cannabis used is decarboxylase which is then added into wine halfway through the fermentation. the half-fermented wine. This process ensures the activation of THC. The cannabis wine made here has a strong smell of cannabis. The finish on the wine is crisp and clean.


Cannabis WineCannaWine was founded because of an interest in exploring both the therapeutic effects of wine and the healing properties of cannabis. CannaWine uses high CBD strains to create the wine. This results in a cannabis-infused wine that offers relaxing benefits without any psychoactive or intoxicating effect of THC. This is particularly important considering that the effects of THC on the mind are intensified and magnified by alcohol.

Mary Jane Wines

Mary Jane Wines makes variety of cannabis-infused beverages such as non-alcoholic grape juice, cold brew coffee, etc. However, their cannabis wines are quite popular. The company has great plans to create both white and red table wines. The single, unique serve containers are stunning in themselves. Mary Jane Wines is committed to research the medicinal properties of cannabis and grapes as well as how both of these work in combination with each other.


Because of their ability to make consumers feel good as well as their medicinal properties, the combination of both cannabis and wine seems like a natural one. However, it is important to keep in mind that mixing cannabis and alcohol can be dangerous if not done properly. Know how your body reacts to cannabis and remember that alcohol magnifies the effects of THC in cannabis edibles, beverages, and any other products. If you want to make cannabis wine at home, then make sure to choose a well-balanced, high CBD strain.

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