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cannabis beverages

Cannabis Drinks Expo


Cannabis infused wineCannabis beverages have become a popular taste among the global populace for both their medicinal and recreational benefits. However, inspite of its wide consumption base, its use is illegal under the US Federal law (although at the state level it varies greatly from one state to another). Therefore, the Cannabis Drinks Expo event which shall be held in San Francisco, California, shall be the biggest gathering of cannabis drinks industry in an effort to campaign for the legalization of cannabis beverages in the US. The event, organized by the Beverage Trade Network, shall also be the first of its kind where the drinks producers, manufacturers, brand owners, distilleries, retailers and merchants, press and bloggers and other important stakeholders shall organize themselves around looking at ways to benefit from legalized cannabis.

The Expo Event

With the cannabis drinks industry currently segmented along a state-by-state basis, the Cannabis Drinks Expo will be an attempt to widen the perspective of market participants on the national dimensions of the industry regarding the current regulatory and policy landscape for cannabis drinks, licensing requirements and its market opportunities within the tourism and hospitality business sectors.

Cannabis infused wineThe Cannabis industry in the US is really on a roll and is a significant source of revenue. A large number of cannabis infused wines, spirits as well as CBD (or Cannabidiol) oil and CBD edibles have boosted the cannabis economy by many times. There are two major types of cannabis strands: CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD rich cannabis are immensely effective in treating a host of diseases in human beings like anxiety, depression, neurological disorders, psychiatric disorders and pain relief. CBD, unlike THC, does not have psychoactive effects and does not render the consumer a feeling of being ‘high’. Cannabis infused wine, particularly among other cannabis beverages, has great demand in the economic market as a wellness drink, making a further contribution to the cannabis market growth. The rediscovery of abandoned vineyards for winemaking, for instance in Chile, has become increasingly prevalent. These vineyards are mostly planted at high altitudes and are climate-friendly in nature. Also, mixes of w
ine and weed are also on their way to the market.

Cannabis infused wineAnother event regarding the exhibition of cannabis drinks shall be held next year in Chicago as well. The event shall consist of a business conference and a trade floor show for exhibitors. The focus of the event will mainly identical to that of the San Francisco event-that of boosting market growth of cannabis beverages. The trade floor show shall enable the participants to interact with the partners directly regarding research on how to bring new products such as cannabis infused wines and spirits into the market. The expo event is the only of its kind in North America which is dedicated entirely to the promotion of cannabis drinks in the country. The expected growth of the CBD infused beverages and foods will transform the cannabis industry and is taking it in a very different direction than its initial trajectory.

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