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Cannabis Beverage Expo

Cannabis Drinks Expo (also known as Cannabis Beverage Expo) is the first global cannabis expo and conference that is focused on cannabis drinks e.g. cannabis infused wine, etc. If you are curious about where the rapidly growing cannabis industry is heading in the United States, then it is highly recommended that you attend the first-ever Cannabis Beverage Expo in San Francisco.

Taking place at the South San Francisco Conference Center on July 25, 2019, the convention is set to be the biggest and most notable worldwide gathering of cannabis infused wine professionals to date. It will bring together drinks brewers, distilleries, brand owners, manufacturers, and producers – all in one place for a grand event.

The Importance of Cannabis Beverage Expo

Cannabis Drinks Expo at San Francisco Conference Center will provide the global drinks industry (particularly North America) an opportunity to come together and look at ways the expo can address legalized CBD products and find different ways to start the fight back against threats to the future of the CBD industry.

The expo will also provide the first ever opportunity for the drinks brewers, brand owners, manufacturers, distilleries, and producers to come together and look at ways they can benefit from legalized cannabis.

Purpose of Cannabis Drinks Expo

The legalized CBD market is still surrounded with unpredictability and uncertainty, even in the face of rapid growth forecasts for many years to come. Because of this, this drinks-focused cannabis expo is being carefully designed so that it can cover all the different issues that are surrounding the CBD market.

Apart from exploring the timescale and likelihood of legalized CBD products being introduced in various other countries and its impact on the traditional alcoholic drinks industry, this drinks-focused cannabis expo promises unmatched networking opportunities with many of the key industry players, in addition to medical experts, political analysts, and those who are involved in the implementation and development of legalized CBD products into new markets.

Cannabis Beverage Expo


Cannabis Beverage Expo promises to be relevant for anyone involved in the retailing, distribution, production, and development of all alcoholic drinks, cannabis infused wine, and related products. The expo will also provide a great networking opportunity for anyone who is involved in the implementation and development of such products in the new markets.

Speakers for Cannabis Drinks Expo

The lineup of confirmed speakers for this worldwide drinks-focused cannabis expo already includes many influential executives and operators in the space. The CEO and president of Tinley Beverages Jeff Maser and the CEO and chairman of Canopy Growth Corporation Bruce Linton, join professionals representing the legal as well as cannabis industries, setting the stage for a diversified and varied discussion on the future of cannabis drinks and the larger CBD market, both in US and abroad.

Expo Highlights

Following are the highlights of this expo:

• Cannabis Drinks Expo will be the first time that drink brewers, distilleries, brand owners, manufacturers, and producers can come together and collectively look at ways they all can benefits from legalized CBD products.

• All the attenders of the expo will enjoy a great networking opportunity that will feature representation from several medical experts, political analysts, as well as those who are involved in the implementation and development of legalized CBD products into new markets.

• Presenters and speakers include some of the top cannabis professionals and legal experts in the world that specialize in the cannabis space.

• Confirmed speakers include executives from market leaders like Tinley Beverages and Canopy Growth Corporation.

• Visitors will have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one meetings with exhibitors before the Cannabis Beverage Expo.

Cannabis Beverage Expo will be the melting pot of TED-style talks, debates, and seminars from medical and political experts, major drinks industry figures, brand developers, bar chains, restaurant, retailers, cultural commentators, future trends analysts, and FMCG consumer experts. Most of all, however, the expo will provide a platform for drinks businesses from around the globe to network and meet their counterparts from the CBD sector and better understand their opportunities, challenges, and needs.

If you are curious about the future direction of the CBD market and industry, particularly in the United States, then it is highly recommended that you attend the first ever Cannabis Drinks Expo this year at San Francisco. It is recommended that you get your tickets early so that you can prepare yourself to explore the opportunities that the expo will present regarding the new trends in the cannabis market.

Details of the Cannabis Drinks Expo

• Date: 25th July 2019
• Time: 11:00-19:00
• Location: South San Francisco Conference Centre, San Francisco, California
• Organizer: Beverage Trade Show
• Website:

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