Best 5 CBD Infused Wines
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Best 5 CBD Infused Wines

Cannabis and wine together? Isn’t it icing on the cake?! Well, for those who aren’t aware, CBD infused wine is have already hit the markets! And we’re all excited for this new launch –as it’s two of our favorite things together! To make choosing easier for you, we’ve come up with a list of top 5 CBD infused wines which you can choose without blinking an eye – here we go!


Greenway Wine Tinctures:


This winery has mastered the art of mixing wine and CBD and creating magic! The apt mix of these both indeed makes a pleasurable experience for the those who taste it. Fall in love with their soothing collection of wines – you’ll notice the difference right away, with the first sip you take in!



Sauvignon Blanc:


This top-notch wine curated by the Rebel Coast Winery in California is renowned for his perfect fusion. It has the perfect quantity of 20mg THC in every bottle of wine, which comes down to around 5mg THC in a single wine glass. Although as of now only the Californians have had the privilege to taste this wine, the Sauvignon Blanc is soon going to be made available in states outside California too. While they have successfully managed to launch their wine, they have been working on developing other fusions too – which are expected to be launched soon – much to the cheer of CBD wine lovers!


CBD Wines:


A Texas-based winery, these CBD wines is a brand that’s dedicated entirely to creating top-notch CBD wines. They have numerous flavored wines, with generous amounts of CBD in them. CBDonay – which is the CBD wines version of Chardonnay is extremely popular here – make sure you taste it!


Magical Hemp Wines:


This classic collection by Mary Jane has a host of flavors that are infused with the perfect amounts of CBD – enough to help you mildly feel the pleasant effects of CBD on yourself. The famed flavors here include the popular Magic White wine and BC Buddy White. What you need to keep in mind is that you visit the winery yourself – the pleasurable experience of tasting the CDB wine yourself cannot be replicated!




This place is a wonder house of cannabis-infused wines – but the only thing is that you can taste the wines only while you’re touring the winery – you cannot take anything back home. But that shouldn’t stop you from exploring this wonderful place where you get both food and drinks with perfectly mixed CBD! CannaVines is planning to start selling their wines online, but that too will be restricted only to the residents of California.



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