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1111 Wines

1111 Wines

Located on 620 Trancas Street, Napa, California. Eleven Eleven Wines (also known as 11 11 Wines) is a newly refurbished Napa winery that has a wide selection of 100% varietal wines. Most of the wines you will find here are chosen from across the Valley which you can enjoy, with or without cheese pairings.

Recently refurbished, 11 11 Wines celebrates the culture of wine, entertainment, art, and food unlike any other Napa winery. For wine enthusiasts, art lovers, and travelers, 11 11 Wines offers unconventional tasting room as well as many other amenities to provide an experience to remember.

1111 Wines

Wine List

11 11 Wines has a wide selection of quality, delicious wines that aren’t easily available anywhere else. Red wine and White and Dessert wines are their specialties.

Red Wines
• Pinot Noir
• Syrah
• Cabernet Sauvignon

White and Dessert Wines
• Rosé
• Sauvignon Blanc
• Chardonnay

CLUB 11:11

You can become a member of the CLUB 11:11 and receive exclusive benefits and VIP privileges. These include:
• First offer of limited release as well as new wines.
• 15% discount on all wine purchases as well as exclusive access to other special offers throughout the year.
• Complimentary tasting for up to six guests. Advanced reservation is also available.
• Three shipments per year of up to four signature wines from 11 11 Wines. So, you get a total of twelve bottles, six of which are different varietals.
• Invitations to exclusive CLUB 11:11 events throughout the year. You can choose one complimentary event for yourself and three guests.

Tasting Room

11 11 Wines has a dedicated wine tasting room that allows you to experience single-vineyard, award-winning wines and much more. This Napa winery is a boutique winery estate that features around 3,500 square feet of unique tasting areas (both indoor and outdoor) as well as lush grounds. The property is ideal for discovering their wines and truly experiencing your moment. Reservation is required in order to do the wine tasting. Keep in mind that you must be at least 21 years of age or older in order to make reservation.


11 11 Wines is not just for wines and wine tasting, this Napa winery is so much more. The place is renowned for hosting incredible events throughout the year that celebrate entertainment, movement, music, art, and of course, wine. 11 11 events are exceptional, memorable, and never fail to surprise.

The winery also has a 11:11 Anniversary party that takes place on 11th November every year. This Napa winery also celebrates the release of its signature wines with a Whites Release Party and Reds Release Party in the summer and winter.

Private Events

Apart from the regular events, 11 11 Wines also hosts private events. These events are an exclusive benefit available to CLUB 11:11 members. They will come to your event space and create a unique wine experience that isn’t offered anywhere else. Another great benefit of such events is that wines on these events are sold at club prices, even to your friends who aren’t CLUB 11 11 members. These private events are one of the solid reasons to join the CLUB 11:11.

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